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Saturday, March 8, 2014

McDonald's in Bartow

Yesterday at 2:45 pm we stopped at the McDonald's in Bartow.  When we went in the door there was 10 people standing in line and then another 4 behind us.  There was one cashier on the  front counter and one on the drive-thru window.

The sad part is that there were two managers and five other employees standing behind the counter just talking.  Not of one of them made a move to help anyone do anything.

I said something to my daughter, "can you believe this, one cashier, all these people in line and managers standing there doing nothing."

The one manager, whose hair looks like a rooster's comb, turned and gave me a dirty look.  The woman still didn't do anything, she went right back to talking and laughing.

One of the employees that was standing there talking actually came over and said something to the cashier and then got a coffee and went back over to talk some more.

For myself, I'm not overly fond of McDonald's food anyway, but I have never been in any other McDonald's where the customers were just totally ignored.  Most Managers will step out to the counter and help out if it gets that backed up.

Whoever the franchise owner is of that store needs to seriously look into hiring new Managers for the store.  There was even two ambulance drivers in line and one of the employees said something about EMT being in line and they weren't helped either.

I've got to hand it to the cashier, she was trying her best to get everyone taken care of.  If one of the Managers or one of the employees standing talking would have at least helped bag her orders and hand them out the line would have went down quicker.  Cashier did it all herself.

"Rooster Comb" Manager needs to find a new job.

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