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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cancer Free Over 1 Year

It has now been over a year that Skyla has been Cancer Free.  All of the places that I was treating on her with the Xxterra are now clear.  The hair has grown back and the skin is healthy looking.  The vet says that they can still show up again, but I feel good about it being gone for good.

Skyla has gotten her happy attitude back and is no longer mad at the world.

Even the vet was not sure this product would work but I couldn't afford the surgeries so we tried this.  The cost of $100 per ounce scared me at first but it doesn't take much of it.  I ended up spending a total of $300 to save my filly.

Anyone with a horse with Sarcoids, try the Xxterra.  It's not fun.  Your horse hates you after about the 3rd treatment, but it works.  And, the horse forgives you after it's all over.

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