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Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Way to Make Your Life Easier - AZZ Cardfile

Between your personal life and owning a business keeping up with everything can get to be a real pain in the rear.
I found this AWESOME program yesterday that is a FREE download that you will love.

Everyone that owns horses knows how much trouble it is keeping up with each individual horse and their info. It's okay if you only have one or two. If you have 20 of them paperwork can drive you crazy.

In 24 hours with this program I created a perfect way to keep us with it all. The program is sort of like the old cardfile program that came with windows. But it offers so much more in the way of using it.

I am still working on it but it will have emergency numbers for anyone I need if a horse is sick or hurt. Each horse will be listed with photo, and all info on the horse. I made a template so I don't have to add everything each time, just use the template.

This is what it looked like when I first started.

You can see on the left panel that I also have a template so I don't have to type everything each time. There is a card with my vet, farrier, dentist, chiropractor and other important numbers on it. I also made a card with all the medicines and medical supplies I keep on hand for the horses. And, the BEST, is each horse has it's own card.

Here is what the template looks like, although I may add to it as I think of what I want on it.

Here is what the horse card looks like for Cash.

I've also made one for my business contacts that come to me over and over again. I don't have to ask them all the usual questions because I already have the info at my fingertips and don't have to go through a years worth of appointments to find it.

Go visit their website and see all the ideas they give you for keeping up with anything and everything. They give you free downloads to get started on recipes, crafts, home, entertainment, educational and more. Once you see all the things you can do to make life easier you will be downloading the program. I love it. You will to. Free Sample Cards

Go to the home page to Download the program FREE AZZ Cardfile