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Friday, April 5, 2013

This is the reason we do Parties. . . . . .

We did a party last weekend for this huge hotel in Clearwater.  We took the Horses and the Petting Zoo.  They neglected to tell us that there was no "outdoor" area to speak of.  The entire place was done in Italian Marble.  We could not even get our truck and trailer in because of the archways.

We parked in a parking lot for a church on the next street and walked everything over.  Lee and Billy took the cages with the rabbit and duck and me, Storm and Shelby took Cash, Damian and Mouse.  We hit the first obstacle at the entry.  Cash was to tall and hit his head on the archway.  When we went through the archway there was a 4 tier fountain that was about 15' around.  There was an Olympic size pool and all the way around was different things to do.  We had to walk the horses through the center of the bar, go down the steps and then down a sidewalk with people everywhere.

I was so proud of my horses, they were real champs.  The only grass area they had was about 60' around and that is where we set up.  We were there for about 4 hours.  I don't think there was anyone there that wasn't from another Country.

I saw a lady pushing a wheelchair with an older lady in it.  She was staying well away from where everyone was lined up to ride the horses.  The lady in the wheelchair had a severe stroke and one side was paralyzed and she had arthritus in the other hand.  She could barely talk, one or two words at a time.  I squatted down to her level and asked her if she had horses when she was a girl.  She smiled and said, "one, his name was Danny."  I pointed to my horses and asked her if she would like to go see them.

I walked Mouse over to her and then Damian, I didn't take Cash as I didn't want her to be scared of his size.  She petted Mouse and Damian and then pointed to Cash and said, "he like my Danny."  When Storm go finished with the ride she was giving I had her bring Cash over.  The lady was all smiles as she petted him.  Cash was such a good boy, he lowered his head so she could reach him.

The lady pushing the chair took pictures and sent them to me.  I also took the rabbit over to her and let her hold it. 

Seeing the smile from this lady is what makes it all worthwhile.  I think it's even more special when it's an older person than when it's the kids.  She patted me on the arm when the animals left and said, "god bless you."   God has blessed me by allowing me to give someone the special gift of remembering their own loved animals when they were younger.  This lady made my day a brighter place.

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