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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Party Changes for Summer

Summer is Here. . . . .I know the Calendar says it starts on June 21st. 

Beginning in May we will only be doing 2 parties per day. 
Usually we go back to 3 or 4 per day sometime around October.

Please think of our animals and try to book your party early in the
morning or late in the afternoon so it's cooler.

On days that it is really hot and the humidity is high and you have booked the petting zoo, the rabbit may not come to the party.  The heat is hard on her
with all that fur.  As long as there is shade the other animals are okay with it.
We have a 12 x 12 canopy that we can put up so the animals have some shade.

During the hottest months, June, July and August we sometimes bring a fan and an extension cord with us for the petting zoo animals.  We will need the use of an electrical outlet.  With the fan, at least it will keep the air circulating so that it will not be quite so bad on the animals.  Our main concern is that
none of the animals get to hot or get dehydrated.  All of the animals get all
the Gatorade they want during the summer when working at parties.

If we are doing horse and pony rides out in the sun with no shade to walk in then one horse or pony at a time will get a gatorade break for a few minutes.
We have to make sure they get plenty of  fluids so they do not dehydrate.
We make sure that you get the full time for riding that you are paying for.

Your understanding during the hot months is very much appreciated.


FREE stuff - just let us know when you book your party
horse shoes
steer roping

Feeding the horses and ponies
apples cut into quarters

Feeding the ducks and goats
fruit loop cereal

Our goal is to provide you with the Best Party, the Best Service and the Best Price in the Polk County Area.

Insurance Info

Let us know when booking your party if you need a Certificate of Insurance, there is no charge for this.  If you need added as an "Additional Insured" we
need a few days notice and the charge is $40.

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