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Sunday, June 2, 2013

New CDL Requirement Stinks

Well, I have to get on my soapbox over this.

Our kids, grandkids, loved ones and friends fighting and dying for a Free Country when the government is trying (and succeeding) in running our lives?

I drove a tractor trailer when there were no CDL's.  You had a chauffeur license for any commercial vehicle.   I had to get my CDL to continue driving.  I have all the endorsements, including "P", "S" and "motorcycle" on my CDL.  I gave up the "H" endorsement when I renewed them last time.

If you have a CDL you have to have a DOT Medical Card to drive and if you have the "S" endorsement you have to have a DOE Medical Card to drive.

I recently received a postcard from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles telling me there is a new certification requiredment for CDL holders.  You have 4 categories
to choose from:  (A) non-excepted interstate - federal medical certification required, 
(B) excepted interstate- exempt from medical certification, (C) non-excepted intrastate- state medical certificate required, (D) excepted intrastate-exempt from medical certification.

This is required if you operate or expect to operate in interstate or intrastate commerce.

"Failure to self-certify in one of the categories and, if required, maintain a valid Medical Certification will result in the disqualification of your CDL privileges."

Due to the economy there are a lot of CDL holders who are not currently driving commercially.  But, the government is telling them they have to go pay for a Physical or lose their CDL.  If you lose your CDL then you will not even be able to apply anywhere for a job driving.  Any company you go to work for sends you to get a new Medical Card when they hire you, but they are not going to hire you if you lose your CDL.

1.  what gives Florida the right to take our CDL if we are not using it?
2.  what gives them the right to make us have a Medical Card if we are not driving?
3.  if the vehicle weight says you need a CDL, why are some people exempt?
4.  as many people who are driving cars and should not be - why don't they need one?

Seems to me that as long as we have a valid medical card when we are driving a commercial vehicle that is all we need.  

If they want to do something useful and get unsafe driver's off the road then they need to require medical cards for people driving that are over 65 years old.  About 1/2 of them can't see good enough to drive.  The State of Florida will renew their license regardless of their health or age by mail for another 5 to 7 years.

But for us, Professional Driver's, they pull this kind of crap.

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