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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sarcoid Treatment Update 1 - Side Effects Have Started

Started treating the Sarcoid on her shoulder on July 25th.  I am doing the treatment in the evening and taking the photo the next day.  This is what it looked like after the 1st treatment with Xxterra.
Day 2 of treatment on July 26th. This is what it looked like after the treatment.
Day 3 of treatment on July 27th, Today (no photo till tommorrow).  Evidently today starts all the horror stories of the side effects.

Around 3 pm today Skyla went down.  She was not rolling but kept looking at her belly like when they get colic but it was only on the side where the Sarcoid is.  Got her up, listened for belly sounds, checked color of gums.  Belly sounds and gum color was okay.  Called the vet and told him about it, he said it was probably caused from the Xxterra.  Told me to give her 5 cc of Banomine, Butte for pain and to keep an eye on her.  She was up and walking around 15 minutes later.

We left to go do 2 parties and didn't get home till 9 pm.  Skyla was laying down and didn't even twitch an ear when we opened the gate.  We thought she was dead.  She stood up just as the truck pulled up to her and lifted her tail and it looked like the stream from a water hose.  She went right back down.  Her neck was very cold and she was trembling.  We put a blanket on her, put her in the barn.  Checked belly sounds and gum color.  It looked as if her stomach was bloated.  Called the vet.

Vet said to give her Butte and another shot of Banomine.  She got up and pooped again and it was like water shooting out of the water hose again.  Mixing apple juice and water to be sure she drinks and does not dehydrate.

You can tell just by looking in her eyes that she is in pain.  Nowhere in reviews I read from people using Xxterra or the vets or universities studies on it did it say a horse had died from using it.  Skyla just turned 2 last month and she is so sweet and I know she is probably the last baby I will raise and break, I can't stand the thought of losing her (that's why I'm sitting here doing this at 2:30 in the morning).

2:15 am, went to check on her, was laying down and doing a partial roll every now and then, gave her 5 cc of Banomine.  Offered her water and apple juice mixed and she refused it so i poured some in her mouth so I know she got some liquid in her.

Have a party in the morning in Tampa, going to worry myself sick about her.  Think I will leave Banomine in barn so I can call neighbor to go check on her and give her a shot if needed.   Everybody else is in bed.  If this was Lexi or Captain then Storm would be out there ever 15 minutes checking on them and yelling for me to come and make sure they were all right.  Since it's my baby it seems I'm the only one that cares if she is okay or not.

Everybody say a special prayer for me and Skyla.  Let her be okay in the end even if I have to take care of her constantly until we get the Sarcoids gone,  just let her be okay.

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