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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sarcoid Update - Looking Pretty Good

We are on the 18th day of treatment on the shoulder. Day 8 it became an open wound and we have not been using the Xxterra.  At this point we are watching it, waiting on the wound to heal and hoping it is gone and doesn't come back.  There are 10% of horses that will get them back a 2nd time and have to do the treatment again.  There are 2% of horses that will get them back a 3rd time and you have to do the treatment again.  There doesn't seem to be any documentation of any horses getting them back for a 4th time.

We are on the 16th day of treatment for the one on her face.  Day 4 it was an open wound, no more Xxterra.  Now we watch it and wait on it to heal.  It was a lot smaller than the shoulder and seems to be healing a lot faster. I feel good about this one and don't think it will come back.
We are on the 15th day of treatment on her right front leg.  It is the worst looking.  On Day 6 it became an open wound so no more Xxterra.  Watch and wait. This one hasn't even lost the scab totally yet and it is horrible looking. 
The one on her right side on the bottom part of her tummy is not being treated yet.  I'm pretty sure it is a sarcoid, but want either the vets opinion or for it to do something so I know for sure before I use Xxterra on it.  I have to go pick up some coggins the last of this week, I'll take her with me for him to look at it.  This one will be awful to treat cause once it turns into an open wound it will be pulling every step she takes.
The worst part of all this is Skyla was a lovable, in your pocket horse.  She was born here and I have spoiled her and spent lots of time loving on her.  She has been to quite a few Pony Parties, she smiles on command and the kids love her.  Using Xxterra has make her into a "don't touch me" and "get away from me" horse.  I hope once it's over that with a little time and a lot of love and attention she will go back to being a "pocket horse."

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