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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Xxterra Horror Stories are TRUE - sarcoid update

First the Good News - the sarcoid we were treating on her face is gone and the wound has healed.  The vet said to keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't come back (10% of them come back a 2nd time and 2% come back a 3rd time and there isn't any info on it coming back a 4th time).
It took 37 days from the first treatment of the Xxterra.  But the hair is growing back and it just left a small scar on her face.  I'm praying we are done with this one and it won't come back.


We are on Day 48 on her shoulder and it is still an open wound.  We are on Day 45 on her right front leg and it is still an open wound.  

They are ugly but it has not been as bad as all the internet articles said it would be.  She didn't even really mind me putting the Xxterra on the one on her face and the one on her leg.  She got a little cranky with the one on her shoulder on the 8th Day of using the Xxterra.


This one is a nightmare!
On August 5th I started watching one on her tummy, wasn't sure if it was a sarcoid or not.  On August 28th the vet looked at it and said, "start treating it."    I believe this is where the horror stories started.  The ones that were on her face, shoulder and leg were on areas that didn't touch any other areas when she moved.  The one on her tummy is maybe a finger width in front of where her leg goes into her body.  Every time she moves the skin behind the sarcoid touches where the Xxterra is .  The other 3 we've been treating were not in "tender" spots.  She was okay with the 1st treatment, that was it.  It took 7 days to get an open wound.  By the 3rd day she was trying to get away from me as I applied it, on the 4th day I had to have help holding her cause she was trying her best to kick me.   The 4th, 5th and 6th day it took 3 of us to put it on her.

The Xxterra made an open wound where the skin was touching the area where I was treating the sarcoid.  The sarcoid didn't turn into an open wound until the 13th day.  Now the wound is twice the size of what it should have been.  The part where the sarcoid is looks like all the others I've treated, ugly, but looking better everyday.  The wound behind it, where nothing was wrong, except for the Xxterra touching the skin, is horrible.  It had infection starting in it so that I've put her on antibiotics as you can't mix another drug or chemical where the Xxterra has been.

If any of them are going to come back a 2nd or even a 3rd time, PLEASE God, don't let it be this one!
Day 5 - you can see where the piece of skin is behind the sarcoid that the Xxterra is effecting.

Day 7 - you can see where the wound is starting on the healthy area.

Day 9 - healthy area has pus in it and sarcoid is not even a wound yet.

Day 13 - sarcoid is now a wound, but it should only be the size of the red circle.  all the rest was healthy skin that the Xxterra was rubbing on.  this one is going to be hard to heal (the others were) and this one is more than likely going to leave a good-sozed scar.  Who knows at this point how much worse it's going to get before it gets better.  Skyla doesn't even want me looking at it.  Poor thing, I hope all this works and gets rid of them for good.  I hate knowing that I may still have to put her down after putting her through all of this.

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