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Friday, October 11, 2013

Horse Slaughter in Florida

People that know me and family members will tell you that I'm not a violent person.  I don't like to fight and don't like to watch "blood sports" of any kind.

I have owned, bred and rescued Pitt Bulls for over 15 years.  I don't believe in dog fights.  There is no better dog anywhere as far as loyalty goes than a Pitt.  If raised correctly they are lovable, gentle, well behaved and will protect you with their life.  Pitts have a bad reputation because of the people that keep them caged, on chains, feed them gunpowder, starve them and do whatever else they can to make them fight.  Pitt Bulls are "Catch Dogs" and they will bring something down that runs from them.  If mine goes after something and I yell "SIT" her butt will hit the ground and bounce, but she will stop and that is what counts.

Our Horses though are another story.  Horses don't hurt anyone, they don't bite or chase kids or kill other animals.  Most of all they are not meat for human consumption.  As many horse owners as there are why can't we stop them from slaughtering them?

If you are caught illegally slaughtering a horse, not your own, one you stole somewhere and cut meat off it while it was still alive, not caring how it suffered - you will get up to one year in jail and up to a $3,500 fine.
In the Florida Statutes, if the horse is a Registered Horse then the jail time and fine is more.   WHY?  My grade mares and geldings are just as important as a Registered Horse.

I have been doing research on GPS Tracking for animals.  There are quite a few out there for both cats and dogs.  Some of these tracking devices allow you, the owner, to track your animal on your home computer or your cell phone.  Some of them even allow you to put in boundaries and if the animal leaves that area you are notified by text or phone call.  All of them are collars with fairly large units attached to them.

A company called Tractive has one but it is to big to use on your horse, someone stealing the horse would see it and simply remove it.  Garmin and Home Again both have them but again they are to big.  Why can't one be made small enough to put on our horses bridle?  There are several out there that you can get and pay for a service to track them.  I don't want a Service to do it, I want to be able to pull up GPS on my phone if it shows my horse has left his allowed area and track him.  I can promise that I won't slap them on the hand for stealing him or trying to slaughter him.  I won't give him a bed to sleep in, cable tv, exercise equipment and 3 meals a day.  Having my horse in their possession would make me be the judge and jury and they would not do it to another horse ever..

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