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Saturday, September 14, 2013

OBama Care - They don't have the right to do this!

I sincerely hope that there are lots of comments left on this subject.  I have not been keeping up and just started to really pay attention a few days ago.  I went to this website and started reading, the more I read, well,  I just couldn't believe it.

I really want comments on how you feel about this, what you are going to do and any advice for the rest of us.  If anyone knows options we have, ideas that may help us - comment on this and help any of us who need it.  If nothing else, get it off your chest if you feel like I do.

I thought I lived in America, Land of the Free.  Where does the government get off telling you that you have to purchase health insurance?  I drove a school bus for 11 years, my health insurance was covered as a part of my job.  To add my husband and my daughter to it the price was over $500 per month.  If I had spent $500 a month on insurance, it would not have done me any good to work because I would not have had enough money to pay my bills.

My daughter turned 20 in August and when I went into the hospital to have her and that was the last time I seen any type of doctor.  If I had been paying insurance for the last 20 years at say, $140 per month (and I doubt that I could get it for that amount), that would be $33,600.  That would have been just throwing the money away since I haven't been to a doctor.

I was taken to the emergency room in Bartow recently.  I spent two nights in a hospital bed, had surgery the next afternoon and went home the next morning.  The bill I received is for $45,390.59, but it says on the bill, the discounted amount I owe is only $16,340.61.  I had no health insurance, no medicare or medicaid, yet they are giving me a discount of $29,049.98.  

What that amounts to in my mind is they were going to charge me $29,049.98 more if I had insurance, since I didn't, they would charge me less so that everyone would get paid.  No wonder insurance premiums are so high, when you go to the hospital or doctor you charged more than double the amount if you have insurance.

And, to go one step further in proving that, I called around last week to get a dermatologist appointment to have a mole removed.  I called 5 different places to compare prices.  If I had insurance the office visit was $150 to $185, if I didn't have insurance, the office visit was between $70 and $100.

All of the people I know just barely get by as it is.  None of us drive new or fancy vehicles, we don't live in half a million dollar homes, we don't have vacation homes or fancy boats.  With what we make we have clothes to buy for ourselves and our kids, vehicle insurance, tags, property taxes, groceries, school supplies, pet food, vet bills, vehicle repairs, house payments, electric bills, phone bills, internet service - then you have Christmas, Graduations, Funerals, Weddings - there is no money left.  

I manage to get my bills paid all year and wait on my tax refund check to be able to pay my property taxes and now OBama Care is going to take part of that if I don't pay for health insurance.

I don't know about the rest of you out there, but I don't have an extra $100 or more each month to pay for health insurance.  My pickup has over 200,000 miles on it, if I had extra money it would be used to make a truck payment before this one breaks down permanently.  

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